Rotating Internship

General Equine Practice shared with Purdue University

Purdue Block P LogoThe equine internship at Janssen Veterinary Clinic is a 12-month program providing clinical training in medicine, surgery, reproduction, ambulatory and practice management. The intern is shared with Purdue University, which is a 1-hour commute. The intern will spend 3-5 week blocks at Purdue University during the 12-month program. One block will be spent in both medicine and surgery, and the third block is elective. The internship will give a small exposure opportunity of bovine or camelidae species while at both Purdue and Janssen Veterinary Clinic. The program is designed to expose the individual to quality private equine practice and a university referral hospital environment.

While at Janssen Veterinary Clinic, the intern will participate in preventative health care, routine and advanced dentistry, routine and advanced reproduction, lameness diagnostics and treatment, equine podiatry, surgery both elective and emergency, clinical and ambulatory activities and client education. The intern will be mentored and have primary care and cases assigned. Emergency duty is shared between the full-time veterinarians.

Four ambulatory vehicles are utilized to provide both routine and emergency service. Veterinary technicians and assistants support each doctor both on farm calls and in clinic activities. Great emphasis is placed on client education.

Janssen Veterinary Clinic is centrally located on the north side of Indianapolis in a rural/suburban area. Facilities are progressive and well maintained.

Benefits include salary, 15 days personal time off, health and vision insurance, professional liability coverage, funds for continuing education, and housing on site while at Janssen Veterinary Clinic.

For additional information, contact Scott M. Thompson, DVM, at (317) 758-4865.

Program Categories

Prerequisites other than being a Graduate of a College of Veterinary Medicine:
Must have Indiana license.