Online Pharmacy Announcement

We are excited to offer the services of our new online pharmacy. Yes, we had one already. But this one is BETTER! Really. We have comparison shopped other online pharmacies and are pretty confident that our prices will match the best ones you find out there—maybe we have better prices than the online pharmacy you’re using right now. Visit us at and follow the Shop or Make a Payment Online Links. Our catalog is growing; let us know what you’d like to see added to it.

Products Offered Online:

The products you need a prescription to get:

  • Horses: Adequan, Legend, Marquis
  • Dogs & Cats: Heartworm preventatives, Rimadyl
  • We know your animals. When you order, there’s no extra step to call and get a prescription or wait while the online pharmacy gets approval for you.

The products you use most:

  • Horses: Bute, Banamine, Aspirin, Farrier’s Formula
  • Dogs & Cats: Flea & tick preventative, CET Chews

The products we don’t carry on the shelf at the clinic:

  • Horses: Equithrive, Equiotic, Platinum Performance Products
  • Dogs & Cats: Adequan for Dogs, Cosequin for Cats


  • Some products are shipped from the clinic. These will be shipped locally through USPS.
  • Other products are shipped directly to you from our suppliers. The first time you order, it may take an extra day to add your location to their shipping address list. After that, things can arrive as quickly as the next day with no extra charge. Many boarding facilities are already on the list—save time and ship direct to your stable.

Pay your bill online.

Use a credit card to conveniently pay your monthly statement using our secure payment gateway.


We will continue to utilize VetSource for delivery of Hill’s Science Diet and Royal Canin Veterinary Care Foods.

Why use the Janssen Veterinary Clinic online ordering site?

Convenience – directly shipped to you
Competitive pricing
Reliability of product – provided by our trusted manufacturers & sources
Give it a try and we think you’ll agree!